Youkosou: Localization Editing

This work was done for Youkosou Online Japanese Lessons, a branch of Wownas Corporation in Higashiomi, Japan. The copy writer knew English only as a second language, and asked me to edit their copy and help it sound fluent to an English audience.

Since this was supposed to be advertisement, rather than a creative project, I edited quite heavily. This copy reflects an earlier stage of development than the final product, which you can see on Youkosou’s website. I was only briefly involved as this work was done through a short-term internship on my study abroad to Japan. 

However, I was still able to learn from the experience and gain skills in cross-cultural editing. For example, I saw that Japanese advertisement often employs the volitional form, as in “let’s learn together,” whereas in English, the imperative “learn now” is more common. To preserve the feeling of a Japanese organization, I might leave the volitional, but to blend in with other English copy, I would recommend the imperative. I bring these observations and others with me as an international editor.

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